How Does the Free Version Work?

UVexplorer can be used for free on smaller networks. The free version, UVX-500, is free and fully-functional for networks that have 500 or fewer network interfaces. Once you go above 500 network interfaces, you will need to purchase UVexplorer (UVX-1000 or higher). Your free license will expire after one year, at which point you can purchase UVexplorer, or request an extension for your free license.

Customer support is only available to paying customers, so if you need customer support, you will need to purchase UVX-500 or higher.

To download the free version, click HERE and fill out the form. This will step you through the process of downloading the UVexplorer product, and also provide you a free license key that you can use to activate the product.


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How Does the Free Version Work?

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