What does it mean to "update" my license, and how do I do it?

To activate your UVexplorer product, you must enter the license key you received through email when you downloaded the product from the UVnetworks web site. When the product is activated, UVexplorer contacts our licensing server to determine what product features you are entitled to access. Typically, the features associated with your license do not change after it is activated. However, in some cases the details of your license will change after initial activation. For example, you might purchase additional product features, or the expiration date of your license might be extended. If the details of your license do change for any reason, the UVnetworks support staff will make those changes on our licensing server. In order for the modified license details to take effect, you will need to tell UVexplorer to re-contact our licensing server and download the new license details.

To update your license details, run UVexplorer, click on the "Update License..." link on the Start Page, and follow the instructions.


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